Peninsula Soccer League

Referee Forms

Note: Adobe Reader is the best application for editing and saving the forms.

Team Managers: To provide referee feedback, submit Referee Evaluation Report online

Procedure for Red Card Reports:

  1. Within 24 hours of the send-off, open the PSL Send-off Report Form in Adobe Reader, fill in the information, and save it as a new file, using the player's name and the date of the game as part of the filename (e.g., PSLRedCard_MarioBalotelli_09-20-15.pdf).
  2. Immediately, email the PDF file as an attachment to pslassignor@me.com
  3. Print a copy of your Send-off Report Form and mail it -- with the player pass and team rosters -- to PSL, 324 Mira Vista Way, South San Francisco, CA 94080.

Important: a red card requires BOTH an emailed PDF Send-off Report Form AND mailing (via US Postal Service) a printed copy of the Send-off Report Form, along with the player's pass. The first is to alert the League to the send-off and allow the Disciplinary Committee to begin processing the player's suspension; the second is the official report and returns the player pass.